week 15 : 08.4.7

monday 7 April
1.36-137 ( after arriving two mins late , no problem to me…
he asks 1 person for a pen for the register … 7 mins into the class remember, yes 7

1.38, asks someone to back of class
to do press ups – fine, i dont really disagree
I ask why briefly- he saId the boy whistled

1.39 main/co teacher talks to a girl
DISTURBING my lesson

1.40 he talks to a guy… ( the one who has just returned with the register), whilst im talking to rest of class

1.41-1.42 talks to 2 or 3 at side of class-ok fair enough

1.42 talks again ! for 2 seconds for no real reaason
DISTURBING my lesson AGAIN !!!!!!

1.46 group of nine boys leave the class to get note books
just started some music and at 1.48 he starts talking to two boys
DISTURBING the lessson

1.48 – 1.49 main/co teacher exits room for 30 secs
1.49 teacher starts speaking to 2 or 3 boys DISTURBING the lesson

boy comes in (10th one) teacher EXITS room again !!
why…now 20 mins in to lesson

comes over and doesnt say anything just “oh”
I say to him “no screen needed” …so he NEEDNT have come over and wasted a bit of time
1.54  me talking/instructing… in the class and he starts talking to one boy!!
why?… DISTURBING my lesson
he then says ok

I ask him to choose two to read and he doesnt use a girls name just says “you”
1.56 he chooses two boys, unfortunately… one of which has already spoken last week !

1.56 -1.57
the two just finishing reading to rest of class/group , teacher AGAIN talking to others DISTURBING my/our lesson…
talks to couple of boys at back AGAIN for no real reason

2.07 gives positive feedback for 20 secs TO ME, with his back to the class!
and says he would like to translate into korean, I say fine


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