week 15

8 – 830 am  Thursday
main. co teacher asks one girl then 1 boy to clean at back of class –
why ?
main co- teacher is only in lesson for 3 -5 mins, then has to attend his form class
which ive said twice maybe ( once lat week) he neednt come in at 805 am…

two teachers (one of which is my main teacher)
walking near my desk,also the boy who was late… near me/ and other teachers

831 four teachers (includiing my main/teacher) talking withn 1-2 ft of me/ right next to my main teachers and my desk!

832 -833 main/co teacher sat down near me
833-834 main teacher,out of his seat!!
at other end of room ( dunno why)

834 he is back at his seat … sitting down

836-837 main teacher out of seat AGAIN
nearly bumps into me- while Im making an effort… showing a picture to several teachers and also showing the pic to him first

837 – 838 main teacher sat down , he then stands up
837-838 he sits down again




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