special needs provision/ its accessibilty for schools in South Korea

Do public schools in South Korea, allow for the appropriate provision for their pupils with special needs?
How does this compare to other countries, UK etc, both in terms of content and quality in education for childrens individual needs? Do schools provide an adequate support/ or counselling…
Are there any differences, between different countries?

What is the role of the native English speaker in the classroom, with co-teacher?
What are your experiences? What ages do you teach or work with
in the community?
Do you have any issues and specific procedures within your workplace
(originally posted  07.11.5)


http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/7616555.stm   (added  08.9.18 )


One Response to “special needs provision/ its accessibilty for schools in South Korea”

  1. Frida Leman Says:

    Hi Jim. I am teaching kindergarten for almost 8 years. Since last year, my school has been hiring one native speaker for kindergarten level. She is just teaching English Language. Classroom teachers teach the other subjects and need to help the native speaker preparing anything she is going to use with the students (for example: dotting letters on writing books or tracing patterns for students to cut). Before, we didn’t have one for our level. The expats are for grade levels only. So the school arranged the schedule for each expat to come to one class once a week. They just did story telling.

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