you have your way and….you’ll have your way Semester 1 week 7

732 am

749-751 am get told 5 mins earlier- that i have no first class at 8am BUT my main/co teacher fails to tell him myself ** pathetic!! ( in fact he arrives 5-10 mins after i get told…) unless and i doubet he informed other guy to tell me

753 am one of form teachers( male) enters teachers room ( maybe after just leaving i think!) and starts conversation in korean about 1 ft away from me to my left ..why? (with me in between the other ppl he is talking to) the ppl he is speaking to

** see above id say that was intentionally bullying
by not speaking to me and giving me some vital school info/facts   

730 am Good morning   pre-school  ! a very appropraite word
– sound of man, spitting and clearing throat just as i left appartment (*disgusting)
-sound of other person/neighbour man i think tapping with hammer or something to my right, on leaving appartment

– in front of me woman ( maybe late 20s) walking “quietly along
the road with her shoes/heels making a noise i could here maybe 3 km away
– oh! and the noise of the local dog barking

814-815 am teacher ( male) here for maybe 6 weeks
(covering someone) maybe he take my classes in 6 weeks eh!
anyway he tells me kindly lesson 1 starts earlier today and early lunch i think

my teacher doesnt tell me a jot why>
i ask this person he says maybe my teacher forgot

– while this person above was speaking a teacher moves behind/ almost between us/almost touching me to put something/rubbish in one of the bins

933 am
get told by co -teacher no more lessons
today lesson 2 and 4 not on
my main- co teacher didnt mention fairly rude

and I just made a effort and said to him no more lessons(
was gonna say why didnt you tell me – too tired sorry!
and he says in 4 secs “ok… ok”- not giving me the time of day

sat in my seat – one of the korean /english teachers (male)
accidentlly brushes me 
940 am just been passed by main /co teacher ( maybe 2 mins after he should have left for lesson) anyway… he just went to printer
main co teacher asked me to check and translate 60-80 words
hes written ( i presume) in english he did this last week as well
is this my job???  ???

946 am one of the teachers… comes back into ( teachers room) about 1-2 mins after leaving! he had something in his hands
( i saw him as i was leaving the teachers room briefly

954-955 am three men talking – two teachers! and 1 MAN from admin dowstairs) within 1 ft of me behind me , conversation lasts 1 min to 1 min 30  a nd then finishes

1016 am   (910pm)
fairly nice meal (local) last night
except the one girl- at a guess 5 years maybe less… with sister ( i guess) and her mum
who seemed to like to wriggle and knock ! the
table directly next to me

i moved after 10 mins to other side of RESTaurant ( about 3-4 mins after i started eating)

936-937am just seems ( well i sit next to him!!) to spend all the time
          talking to teachers and students
10 33-1034
ASK main co teacher for number of teacher u/stairs
(the one ive taought with this morning)
im actually ON !!! the phone for 30 secs and he comes over next to me.. STARTS talking and says ” oh you ok” or s/thing like that

this is JUST… 1-2 mins after i showed him! the paper he asked me to help him with

1040-1041   2 teachers talking just behind me
for 2-3 mins maybe ( they are directly behind my main/co teacher) my main teacher starts in/joins the conversation
for 30 secs ( i think one of others started speaking to him) 
 1045-1047 same teacher moves nearer his desk again and comes back and starts talking
1043 am
one of the teacher leaves the teachers room
and accidentally knocks/brushes my chair
1042-1043 man opposite mu main teacher speaks in korean
and my main co teacher says something to him for 10 secs or less 

one of teachers mentioned just below starts talking korean and
comes over to my main teacher for less than 1 min
my main teacher responds/ talks to him (while sitting at his desk ) and next to me

this same teacher sat at his desk …says something to another teacher
( who replies to him v briefly) 

1046-1047 am
other teacher ( the same one as below)
sat down at his desk…. and starts talking to my main teacher   added  11 jan 2009





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