25 days? and counting

647 p,m dog still barking loud

girls? shrill v load scream!!

612 pm do wish that dog shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


door bell goes and here noises ( kids) i poresume runnin away
from door *)

im out thios evening arranged 3 or so hours ago!

130 pm sunday

STOP !!!!!!!!!!! slamming the doors near me!!!

exactly .. thesame as last nightt 1050 pm ( saturday) WHEN i got back from seoul

same little later 1120 pm ish stop it !!!

the two different dogs barking and kids screaming occassionally earlier today is enuf ta




One Response to “25 days? and counting”

  1. James Webber Says:

    t- 2 days ?

    friday 23rd may i think ! sorry *0) (last friday- one)

    HOIURS 128 ! HIS OR HERS dont mind *)
    first pasrt of lesson YEAR 1 thursday 22nd lowish ability

    teacher – mr ….. dont particularly like

    HE texted me about 17 hours ago to say enjoy the football

    WHICH was very nice of him to do

    1 The defendant’s lawyer was not available for comment.
    2 Sherry, where have you placed my book of jokes?
    3. I still live in that wood house near the railroad tracks.
    4. The rooms of the office were old and musty.
    5. I love everything about your idea for a party.

    In groups 3/4 at a table they have to show a piece of paper as quick as they can indicating diffewrnt parts of sentence
    ie verb,. adj

    1051-1053 and main co teacher>>stop talking to a THIRD non
    english TEACHER (mr lee) whos not doing any work

    this latter perosn… just talking with the one tallking to main co teacher!!

    main co teacher:
    STOP talkoing to your TWO koren male teachers

    and carry on WOITH YOUR work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    main co teacher in/ 30 secs afyter a lesson
    and was asking me about something re presentation

    which he could have quiet easily have left to maybe 20 mins IM free FOR ANOTHER 65 mins or so

    or he “could have waited a few hours or after lunch oir tommw TOTALLY!!!!!! NOT urgent

    thursday 1007-1008 am
    main co teacher walks /rushes back into teachers room
    and leaves within 4 -8 secs

    433-435 pm MY chair knocked again!
    406-407pm my chair knockd agian

    346 pm back of chair knocked by teachers hand!!

    345-346 pm bck of MY chair knoced again

    back in teachers room for 10-12 mins first time in around
    2 hours or so and bck of MY chair knocked twice !!!!!

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