week 19

wednsday 1039-1041 am

main co teacher checkking main test. notice board
he has been here almost 3 hours what an idiot,

th u r s d d ay

another !! wrong number to my landline

had two on same day about a week ago

and total of 5 maybe 6 in last 4-8 weeks 

oh and speaking to admin
about 2o mins ago
femaleand i start talking or am about to,.. she speaks quite good eng!

she immediaetely starts talking to her korean colleage

which i belive is 1 unfriendly and 2 plain RUDE

thursdauy 1044 amsoso. ok morning only
had two male teachers accidentally knock back of my chair

one.. of which was v principal

bit of a rush on then 3 mins before bell eiught or NINE !
korean teachers all walking round v fast within 20-40 foot of me

one female teachr knocked my chair –

1044 -45 been in chair less than 2- 3 mins
main co teacher out his chair Checks… board for 12 secs
now back in chair!!



added  14/10/08


2 Responses to “week 19”

  1. Rasid Says:

    Unfriendly? Plain rude? When you’re in hell, try to find a less devil. Take care.

  2. james Says:

    end of last fu;ll week

    HOURS 124 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    main. co teacher out odf seat!!

    900-901 good fun this

    outa chair back seating within 3-8 secs

    902-903 opens draw clses it and then same within another minute

    908 am out of seaT! THEN BACK TO SEAT 10-25 secs later AND sits down

    909-910 pm out of his seat !!!!!! and over at cupboard

    30-45 secs later back in seat

    853 am 4 TEACHERS incl myself

    main co teacher talkking with female teacher

    i believe the latter initiating the conversation

    846- 847 out of seat
    walks back to seat

    walks back to where he was 25-45 secs ago!

    pushes his chair quite forcefully for second or maybe first time in LAST 2 mins


    847-848 am back in seat !!!


    842-843 main teacher/co teacher outa seat talking woith female tyeacher and boy stuendent for 30 secs back in seat for 20 secs or less

    843-844 am outa seat and stand ing talking on phone

    844 am back in seat !

    HOIURS 128 ! HIS OR HERS dont mind *)

    first pasrt of lesson YEAR 1 thursday 22nd lowish ability

    teacher – mr ….. dont particularly like

    HE texted me about 17 hours ago to say enjoy the football

    WHICH was very nice of him to do

    1 The defendant’s lawyer was not available for comment.
    2 Sherry, where have you placed my book of jokes?
    3. I still live in that wood house near the railroad tracks.
    4. The rooms of the office were old and musty.
    5. I love everything about your idea for a party.

    In groups 3/4 at a table they have to show a piece of paper as quick as they can indicating diffewrnt parts of sentence
    ie verb,. adj
    1051-1053 and main co teacher>>stop talking to a THIRD non
    english TEACHER (mr lee) whos not doing any work

    this latter perosn… just talking with the one tallking to main co teacher!!

    main co teacher:
    STOP talkoing to your TWO koren male teachers

    and carry on WOITH YOUR WORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    main co teacher in/ 30 secs afyter a lesson
    and was asking me about something re presentation

    which he could have quiet easily have left to maybe 20 mins IM free FOR ANOTHER 65 mins or so

    or he “could have waited a few hours or after lunch oir tommw TOTALLY!!!!!! NOT urgent

    thursday 1007-1008 am
    main co teacher walks /rushes back into teachers room
    and leaves within 4 -8 secs

    433-435 pm MY chair knocked again!

    406-407pm my chair knockd agian

    346 pm back of chair knocked by teachers hand!!

    345-346 pm bck of MY chair knoced again

    back in teachers room for 10-12 mins first time in around
    2 hours or so and bck of MY chair knocked twice !!!!!

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