day 9 part 1

-find out about 1110 am

No AIR CON at school for a few weeks

they are saving energy
absolutely stupid ppl !

948-958 am

1st or 2nd year feemale student climbing out of window
from next building , s ituated behind the main school building

which i think personally is totally unacceptable

1145-1147 am
same as above !- a student, I think boy
climbing out of window!

108-110 pm

as below door hit or kicked go to door see girl riunning
away to my right !


sat in clasrrom downstairs (still)
heard noise. door hit or kicked moved t o near to see
( and saw 3 or so girls to my right)


One Response to “day 9 part 1”

  1. murcha Says:

    Whoa James you certainly get into some interesting schools. I thought that students in your country would be well behaved but these sound worse than in a lot of our schools. Cant you find a much better one?

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