Stress Free Living – The Road from Beliefs to Values

During the past weeks we have been reflecting on what many spiritual teachers through the ages regard as the ‘great mistake’ or the ultimate case of ‘mistaken identity’! With some ‘inner detective’ work we saw that all our stress begins when we lose our awareness of our self as a spiritual being and identify with the form we occupy. This results in attachment and where there is attachment there is fear (fear of loss/damage/endings) and fear is stress. This, they say, is verifiable if we take time to meditate and reflect, and thereby ‘see for ourselves’. Only then can we ‘fix it’ for ourselves. This week we complete the trilogy of reflections on the possibility of living a stress free life by exploring what we can ‘do’ differently when we awaken from our ‘spiritual amnesia’.

When we consider ourselves to be the form that we occupy i.e. our body, we learn to believe that what we ‘feel’ in life has to come in through our senses. We learn to believe that peace, love and happiness are stimulated physical feelings/experiences. These beliefs then make us continuously search outside our self for the stimulation that may produce peaceful, happy and loving feelings. Hence the ease with which so many of us become dependent on and addicted to someone, some thing or some place. Yes we may feel a certain kind of love and happiness from incoming stimulation, but it is of the transient variety, without depth or endurance. It’s not the real thing! Hence the habits of seeking, desiring and craving (hence marketing!)

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