Hunting Life’s Oxymorons!

Have you ever noticed a blind spot in your eyesight? Often called a ‘scotoma’ it seems everyone has one in one of their eyes. However we don’t notice it as the other eye compensates and fills in the missing bit! But have you spotted the blind spot in your inner eye, in what you might call your inner vision or awareness. Most people are unaware of their physical ‘scotoma’ but some people set out to make themselves become aware of the blind spots in the inner eye. They realise they are often not ‘seeing’ something, and they know it is a blindness that is affecting their life.

A blind spot in your inner awareness usually takes one of three forms
a) when you say one thing and do another and you are not aware of your own contradiction
b) when you ‘accuse’ others of a behaviour that you are doing your self 
c) when you hold on to a belief (usually subconsciously) which you know deep down is not true




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