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— Relax Kids Magazine
— Positivity Chart
— Free Downloads for you
— Chill Skills CDs are NOW AVAILABLE! Special Offer
Relax Kids Magazine


The magazine has been created with busy parents and teachers in mind and is free of adverts, but is packed nearly 70 pages of great articles, exercises and information to help you and your family/classroom relax and be happy.

It is beautifully presented with colourful photos and you will most probably want to come back and use the exercises again and again.

Feel free to print it off and read it in your own time.

Here is an idea of what is in our September Back to School issue:

Articles on how to start the term stress free
Tips on beating the morning rush
How to change your moods
The power of affirmation
Better bedtimes – exercises for bedtime
Dieting tips for busy parents
Tips for teachers on caring for yourself
Info on making a vision board, using NLP, fun time, rewards and gratitude lists at home
Tips for teens
Yoga exercises
Using creativity for emotional management
Anger management tips for adults

Please feel free to pass the magazine link onto your friends and family. You can also print it off and take it into your child’s school for other parents and teachers to benefit. If you would like to contribute to future magazine issues, please do send me an email.

Please note: There are lots more brilliant tips, articles, exercises and downloads on the website.

Read Magazine



Positivity Chart


September is a great month to have a fresh start and inspire children to think and act positively. I have devised a simple positivity chart for you to use at home or in school with your children.

A Positivity Chart is simply a weekly chart where children can theme the day with a positive quality and commit to positive actions that reflect that quality.

For example on a CONFIDENT DAY, they may decide that they go to school feeling full of confidence and promise to speak up more. A HAPPY DAY may be a day when the family come together and watch a funny movie or play in the park or the class commits to smiling more. A GENEROUS DAY may be the day when everyone does something kind and generous for each other. A RELAXING DAY may be when everyone promises to sit down and relax and meditate together at the end of the day.

This is a great activity for all the family and can be introduced for just one week to kick start an understanding of values and citizenship or can be used throughout the year. If you are a school teacher, you can use the specially designed chart for schools and encourage your class to start off term on a positive note!

You may even like to pick a Star Card for each day to inspire you further.

Download positivity Chart



Free Downloads for you


Would you like over 10 mins worth of downloads absolutely free? Simply click below and you can download one free track from each of the new Chill Skills range. You can also copy the tracks onto a CD or mp3 player and so use them anytime at home or in the classroom. There are also some tips on how to use each track.

Please feel free to pass on this wonderful free gift to all your family and friends. You may like to make a copy for your child’s school teacher and so encourage them to use these simple relaxation exercises at school. If you are a school teacher, you are welcome to make copies for the parents to help the children relax at home.

Download Now!



Chill Skills CDs are NOW AVAILABLE! Special Offer


I am so excited today as the New Child Skills CDs were delivered to the office this morning!

These CDs have longer meditations and the vocabulary is more advanced and so suits older children.

My personal favourite is Believe and Achieve. It has slightly more upbeat to the music and the over 70 mins of powerful affirmations. I have been waking up to it every morning and it is a wonderful way to start the day on a positive note! It is great to play in the background.

How do you feel today is also great to play if your child needs emotional support or a boost.

The Chill Skills range of CDs are aimed at Key Stage 2 – 7-13 year olds. Great for confidence and self- esteem building, emotional literacy and self awareness.

These CDs use meditation, visualisation, deep relaxation, breathing exercises and affirmations. Great tools for pre-teens. Some teens and adults will enjoy these CDs too!

The Chill Skills CDs are now available – They are priced at £14.99 but you can buy all 3 for only £42.99. Please do let me know how you get on with the CDs. I always love to hear from happy parents, teachers and children.

Special Offer



I do hope you have a relaxed and comfortable transition back to school. Please do email me if you have any problems, questions or thoughts.Kindest thoughtsMarnetaPS Dont forget to download the Free Positivity Chart, magazine and tracks from the CDs




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