The Relationship Repair Kit – Part I

Last week we explored how we break the connection and stop the energy flowing freely and truly in the four directions of our relationships – with nature, with other people, with the self, and with the source (in whatever way you conceive him/her/it to be). The presence of any stress, conflict or disharmony means the connection is either damaged or broken. Repairs are required. Just as the electrician reconnects a broken wire so that electricity can flow again so we have some wires to reconnect. But with which level of relationship do we start? The obvious one is with our self as everything flows from there

“How are you getting on with so and so”, is a frequent question as we enquire into others relationships. It is seldom a question we ask our self? So how are you getting on with your self? Though it doesn’t sound quite right there are times when we think to ourselves. “I am being hard on my self…I am giving myself a difficult time”.

For the rest of the article, please click the attached file below):


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