The Relationship Repair Kit – Part II

Last week we explored how we lose our sense of wholeness and completeness when the ‘I’ that says ‘I am’ identifies with what it is not! The immediate effect is an internal sense of fragmentation, with many stories being created with the same ‘I’, the self, creating different ‘I’s at the centre of each story. At an emotional level there will be regular anxiety and frequent frustration whenever one of our ‘I’s does not get what it wants. This then affects our immediate relationships with others – family, friends, colleagues etc. Whenever there is a ‘disconnect’ between our self and another it will normally be for one of three reasons, each related to time

Past Hurt

When we hold up a barrier, be it mental or otherwise, towards another it is often because of a past event or interaction where we felt hurt by the other. They either did not meet our expectations or they said something that offended us or did something we strongly disapproved off.  We felt let down, disappointed, sad, perhaps eventually angry. We record this ‘episode’ as part of our story with that person and at the heart of the story is our ‘hurt’ feeling. We have a hurt heart and within the story we attribute that hurt to them. As a consequence every time we see them we erect a subtle, and sometimes not so subtle barrier between them and us, and the energy of the relationship ceases to flow freely

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One Response to “The Relationship Repair Kit – Part II”

  1. Scott at Says:

    Interesting post. I have started a site dedicated to relationships myself

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