received Wednesday 15th October 
appologies for this brief email but we just wanted to let you know we had a close call last week
and we are feeling really grateful that xx is still with us.
He’s ok but he had a very serious car accident last friday morning on his way into work.
Luckily he’s ok physically just a bit of bother with one shoulder, but emotionally he’s very shaken.
Fortunately no other vehicles were involved, and the car protected xx really well.
It was his usual commute, a wee windy bendy country road that he knows particularly well, a stretch of which, happened to be covered in oil and he skidded over the other side of the road, mounted a bank, tipped over so the roof hit a tree then somehow finished up back in the middle of the road.
With police and a fire engine at the scene to cut him out of the car, the paramedics said from the state of the car they were expecting xx to be in a real mess.
As he was doing a reasonable steady speed, with the driver behind him confirming that, he’s so relieved he wasn’t speeding.
More so he’s so lucky no one was coming on the other side of the road at the time of the accident as that would have been a very different story.   
Naturally he feels he’s been reprieved. It simple wasn’t his time.
Enough said I need to clear my head before bed so i don’t dream about it.
I guess I really wanted to share this with you to remind you to be mindful
    and take care as we never know what’s round the next corner.
xx  has been moved to speak to friends and family over the last few days in a very open way
to let them know how he feels about them and this shocking experience has prompted him to
rethink about what really matters to him in this life and what changes he wants to fulfil.
And so to you I hope all’s well and thank you for being my brother. Take Care. Love Always xx  

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