So what do you think? …is usually a question enquiring as to your opinion, your perceptions and ultimately your beliefs. These are the primary shapers of our thoughts and as the old saying goes ‘your thoughts count’. The second Resource that you have at your disposal is your mind and your mental energy, your ‘thought factory’.

Much has been said and written on the mysteries of the mind and it’s usually left to the specialist domains of psychiatry or psychology to pronounce on its location, nature, workings and ultimate purpose. But with a little practiced self-reflection it’s not difficult to see the what, where and how of our mental activity

Everyone has a mind and everyone uses the mind to ‘think’, to create thoughts. It is the inner ‘arena of creation’ within our consciousness. It is both a faculty of our consciousness and a tool that we can use

While the mind is not the self it is within the self. Take a moment to stop and look, to watch your thinking process, and you will notice your self creating thoughts in the form of ideas, images, concepts, and then projecting these up onto the screen of your mind. From there they travel as invisible vibrations outwards, first into your body and then out into the world where they will have an effect on the mental atmosphere and on any object on which they are focussed. Even other people’s thoughts become your thoughts as you bring them into your consciousness, put them up on the screen of your mind and give them life. Then they are your thoughts.


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