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Have your say on the Experimental Law Variations (ELVs)

The Rugby Football Union is giving everyone involved in English rugby the chance to have their say on the Experimental Law Variations being trialled this season. 

A website survey at www.rfusurvey.co.uk is currently open to all interested parties until December 16 and the results will be used as part of the RFU’s report to the International Rugby Board, who will vote on whether to implement the ELVs into rugby law in May 2009.

The RFU believes that some of the 13 ELVs could fundamentally change the nature of the game as it is currently known and that all those potentially affected by their introduction should be consulted.

RFU Chief Executive Francis Baron said: “As these Experimental Law Variations could potentially result in major changes to the Laws of the Game, the RFU believes it is important to consult those involved in the game at every level and give them an opportunity to express their views.

“This online survey will form a major part of our report to the IRB on what impact the ELVs have had on English rugby this season. The responses last time demonstrated just how many people care passionately about this game of ours.

“I would urge everyone with an interest in the future of our game to go to www.rfusurvey.co.uk and spend ten minutes completing the questionnaire so we can paint as accurate a picture as possible of people’s views in England.”


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