another one !! Much like Bill Kapoun last spring, a foreign English teacher in Mokpo has fallen victim to an arson.

Ms. J’s family meets with police chief Han.
In a moving story, members of the Mokpo Police Department in Jeollanam-do have raised money for a foreign woman fighting for her life after being in a fire.
On the 4th Mokpo Police chief Han Gi-min presented W16 million to the family of 26-year old Ms. J, who is being treated at Mokpo Christian Hospital (기독교병원) for serious burns suffered in an apartment fire.
South Africa-born Ms. J, a native speaker teacher at a middle school in Mokpo, suffered serious burns in a fire while sleeping in a one-room apartment on the 29th of last month and her life remains in danger even as she is being treated in the hospital.
Ms. J was sleeping in the apartment of a foreign couple while taking care of their pet.
Chief Han said, “we heard of this terrible situation with her life threatened and her not receiving any state aid and worked together to raise money. People should join hands to help one another out.”
On the 2nd Mokpo police arrested 30-year old Mr. Lee on charges of second-degree arson for starting the fire by dropping a cigarette on a hallway sofa while drunk.
If anyone here knows Ms. J please let us know if there are any efforts underway to raise more money for her family.


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