Fear of The Thing

Fear of The Thing            Source: Pastor Nathaniel Bronner  www.MountainWings.com

Today my wife called and said the doctor told her that she and I
needed to come get tested for strep throat. The doctor said
that it was possible, even likely that we both had it.
Strep throat is not a big thing. It’s common and in most cases
easily cured. The test is just two simple cotton swab (Q-Tips)
swipes taken from the back of your throat. Granted it is a very
long cotton swab.
My throat had been feeling fine until my wife told me that I had
to take the test and that I might have strep throat. The
thought that I could have latent strep throat germs raging in
the back of my mouth made me uneasy. Did I feel a slight
itchiness now?
It’s amazing how the mind works.
Believe it, fear it, and the body begins to manifest it.
I actually thought my throat did feel different now that I had
to go take the test. My logical mind knew my throat was fine
but the mere thought. . .  was it scratchy?
I can imagine how it must feel to wait on test results for
something really serious. If it were cancer or a suspected
exposure to AIDS that I was being tested for my slight
apprehension would be magnified a hundred fold.
Apprehension leads to tension. Tension leads to distress.
Distress leads to stress and stress leads to disease.
Both my wife’s and my tests were negative but today I got a
glimpse into the fearful world of apprehension.
Job (a character in the Bible) said, “What I feared has come
upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me.”
Germs don’t really cause disease.
An immune system that is weaker than the germ causes disease.
Fear weakens the immune system. The very thought helps to
manifest the thing, whether it be good or bad.
Situations in life don’t break us or make us miserable.
When we come across a situation that our spirit is not strong
enough to properly handle, then that situation makes us
miserable because our spiritual immune system is weak.
After the nurse administered the strep throat test she said,
“you know, you’re the calmest person that I have ever given this
test to. People squirm, gag and sometimes scream.”
That amazed me. It was just a cotton swab. A very long cotton
swab I will admit, yes, it was stuck very far back into your
throat, but just a cotton swab nonetheless.
Most of the things that gag us, make us squirm, and sometimes
even makes scream out in frustration, if looked at from the
mountain, are really just long cotton swabs.
They won’t hurt you.
They may scratch at you in sensitive areas but the vast majority
won’t hurt you. Often they make you stronger and more confident
when you successfully get past them.
Don’t be afraid of the tests of life.
You are healthier than you think.
Or maybe, just maybe, you are AS healthy as you think.


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