Perspectives on a Population: English-Language Learners in American Schools offers the most comprehensive, data-driven examination to date of ELL students and youths in the United States. Get this special report for only $6.95

Drawing predominantly on original data and analysis from the EPE Research Center, each of the report’s five main sections examines critical dimensions that define the experiences of English-learners.

  • Profiling a Population offers an extensive demographic portrait of ELLs, including: their socioeconomic background, characteristics of the school systems that serve them, geographical concentration of and shifts in the ELL population, and the immigration patterns that drive much of its growth.
  • Policies and Programs examines the ways in which states identify students for ELL services, the types of language-instructional programs offered, policies that aim to expand and strengthen the workforce of qualified teachers for ELLs, and the professional development provided to educators to better serve the ELL population.
  • Attaining English Proficiency details the tests states use to assess the progress of ELL students in acquiring proficiency with the English language and provides results on the percent of ELL students in each state who are making progress, attaining proficiency, and qualifying to exit from ELL services.
  • Performance and Accountability focuses on the achievement of ELL students in the core academic areas of mathematics and reading, comparing their performance to that of their non-ELL peers. This section also provides information on the types of testing accommodations that states offer to ELL students to more accurately assess their academic performance and on the ways in which ELL students factor into federal accountability under the No Child Left Behind Act.
  • Funding the Education of English-Learners explores state-specific funding for educational services targeting English-language learners through federal Title III dollars as well as state-generated funding from formula-based and categorical sources.

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