Our Cert ICT (Certificate in Teaching Languages with Technology),
Cert IBET (Certificate in International Business English Training)
and Moodle Starter courses all got off to a flying start last week,
with participants from the UK, Hong Kong, Australia, Germany, Spain,
Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Italy, Denmark, India, Indonesia, Poland,
the UAE and Canada!
We have several short online 2-week courses (10 hours) and 4-week
courses (30 hours) which look at various ICT tools and their
application to f2f teaching starting from later this week, and in
February and March, also with nice interntional groups already signed
up on them. Our short courses offer you the chance to invest in
quality online teacher training at reasonble rates, and without the
expense of having to travel or leave your workplace while gaining a
highly-regarded additional qualification – something that can come in
handy in these troubled economic times to give you a competitive edge
in finding or keeping a job.
As you know, our courses run 100% online in Moodle, and a have a
limit of 15 participants per course.
Below are the 2-week and 4-week online courses we are running in
January and February – note that the ‘Podcasting’ and ‘eNetworks’
courses start later this week!
Dates: 1 – 15 February 2009
Time: 10 hours over 2 weeks
Course fee: 135 Euros
This practical, hands-on online course looks at wikis, how to set
them up, and how they can be used for collaborative projects with
English language learners. By the end of the course you will have set
up a wiki to use with your own students.
Dates: 14 – 28 February 2009
Time: 10 hours over 2 weeks
Course Fee: 135 Euros
This online course looks at teacher, students and class blogs, and
how they can be used by teachers both in and outside the classroom
with learners. Participants set up their own blogs during the course.
We also examine RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and learn how to use
this to subscribe to blogs.
Dates: 15 – 30 March 2009
Time: 10 hours over 2 weeks
Course fee: 195 Euros
Second Life is an online virtual world which educators are
increasingly using for teaching and training purposes, in a wide
range of disciplines. This short online course consists of four
timetabled synchronous (real time) sessions held on EduNation, The
Consultants-E’s own virtual educational island in Second Life, as
well as asynchronous discussion and reflection on Second Life as an
educational tool.
Dates: 1 February – 2 March 2009
Time: 30 hours over 4 weeks
Course Fee: 435 Euros
The WebQuests course examines the theory and practice of WebQuests,
and looks at real examples of WebQuests created for language learners.
Participants review and develop their Internet search skills and
website evaluation skills, both key to effective WebQuest design.
Participants design, plan and create their own WebQuest, for use in
their own teaching context with their own learners, and put their
WebQuest online using free WebQuest generator tools.
1 – 30 March 2009
30 hours over 4 weeks
435 Euros
Learn about and develop the skills necessary to become an effective e-
moderator in online courses. See
http://www.theconsultants-e.com/courses/em for more information.
Full info on our online courses and how they work here:
If you’d like to check out feedback from past participants on our
courses take a look at our website here:
You can also see which countries our past participants have come from
(currently over 60 countries!) here:
All the best for your teaching in 2009, and we hope to see you
online soon!


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