Which Path Are You Walking? – Part I 당신은 어떤 길을 걷고 계십니까? 제1부

Are you walking the right path? Some say there is a pathway through life that will take you to the right destination. Some call it a spiritual path based on self-realisation. Others see it as a religious path based on faith, and a yet others say it is just a human path based on right values. Path in this sense implies there will be an arrival, a destination that is defined by the reward of freedom, happiness and goodness, and the recognition that you walked the ‘right’ path i.e. you lived your life the ‘right’way.

And then there are some who say there is only ‘one’ right path. It’s their way or no way! They spend much time in attempting to convince others to follow in their footsteps, otherwise they say, “There will be trouble ahead”!  And then there are those who say life has no path. They believe that ‘real’ life is simply living from day to day and from moment to moment. They say that life happens in a pathless land, so forget all about ‘finding your path’ and just get on with it…they say!

And then there are those who say that we are here to carve our own path, plow our own furrow, and like the white water behind a boat we leave our own unique wake. They are convinced there is no one right way, just the way you ‘create’ as you go. This ‘can’ sound ‘righter’ than the others as it seems to honor the two callings or imperatives already present within us all. First our creative capacity, whereby true creativity is based on how we live our life, which means how we respond to people and situations around us. The second is an innate awareness of what is true, of how to act and how to create the right actions in alignment with our truth. And when we act in alignment with our truth then the way forward opens up smoothly and we are in harmony with ourselves and with the world around us. Sometimes this is called ‘flow’.  When we act against the current of what is true then there is a ‘jarring’, an awkwardness, things do not proceed smoothly, and we ‘feel’ something is not quite right.

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글쓴이: Mike George(www.relax7.com)


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