In Which Mode Do YOU Operate? 당신의 운영 모드는?


In Which Mode Do YOU Operate? 당신의 운영 모드는?
If you look back on your average day you will likely notice that you frequently oscillate between two modes – resistance and acceptance. For many people it’s a classic 80/20 where 80% of their time is spent in some form of resistance to something or someone. For some, on some days, it will feel more like 99/1. And for a few it’s 10/90. For most of us it’s probably somewhere in between. What we don’t often notice however, is that it’s our urge towards resistance, even if it’s just at a mental level, that is the cause of our day-to-day stress. It’s not what others, or the world, are doing that makes us move into a mode of resistance it’s our reaction, which is based on our judgment of them.

We live in a world where the influences of the media ensure we are well schooled in the art of RESISTANCE. Battles fought and won are glorified to such an extent we prefer to avoid a possible resolution prior to battle so that we may bask in a glorious victory. At the heart of politics, sport, business and even religion there can be found an ‘encouragement’ towards resistance. And yet, on reflection, it becomes fairly obvious that resistance is an unenlightened way to live. Here is why! 


ⓒ Mike George 2009
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