The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence   “Everybody should have his personal sounds to listen for- sounds that will make him exhilarated and alive or quiet and calm. One of the greatest sounds of them all- and to me it is a sound – is utter, complete silence.” Andre Kostelanetz

If ever there was an oxymoron (contradiction in terms) it is found in the phrase ‘sound of silence’.  And yet, if you ask anyone who has been practicing meditation for some time they will tell you that it’s as if, in silence, there is a kind of sound. The silence that they refer to is of course the silence ‘within’ the self, and the sound is more like an awareness, a feeling, of the sweetness and power of ones own being. By many accounts the ‘sound of silence’ can have the effect of altering ones perceptions and perspectives so profoundly that life and living are never quite the same again. When the self resides in the silence of just being, where all ‘doing’, including thinking, has temporarily ceased, there is a profound sense of the unlimitedness of the self and it’s from there that everything else appears as it really is; small, limited and almost insignificant.

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