Are YOU a Victim, a Student or a Master?

Life means change and change signifies the flowing and flowering nature of life. Life, like a river, is always on the move. Unfortunately we tend to learn that we have to ‘damn’ the river as we try to stop the flow and ‘hold on’ to a) the way things are and b) what we think we have acquired from the river. This is known as the ‘Damn It!’ philosophy of change management! A few will learn to practice the ‘Judo’ philosophy, continuously letting go of the old so that they can welcome and ‘embrace the new’, thereby creating ways to flow with and not against the river of life. 

Do YOU fear change? Are you practicing the Damn It! philosophy? Do you find yourself resisting people and situations? Any form of resistance anywhere, anytime, means you fear change. It means you ‘believe’ you are about to lose something, as any kind of fear is always the sign of ‘imagined’ future loss. The eight most common things that people fear losing when their resistance starts to show up are in the areas of position, power, pay, possessions, people, prestige, privileges or personality.

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ⓒ Mike George 2009
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