Apathy, Sympathy or Empathy – What do YOU do?

Imagine someone walking onto a frozen pond. They reach the centre and the ice breaks and they fall in. There is someone standing by the edge of the pond watching. They have choices as to how they respond. They can walk away and let the person drown, they don’t care. Or they could just stand and spectate, feeling sorry for the drowning person but still not trying to help them. Or they could attempt to pull them out of the ice. But to do so they must not get too close as they may fall in themselves. So they must keep their distance while attempting to help

이하 첨부파일 참고하세요(For the rest of the article, please click the attached file below):
ⓒ Mike George 2009
글쓴이: Mike George(www.relax7.com)


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