Pure Love

If we obey the principle of pure love, our life will always go in the right direction. Altruistic and unconditional love is pure and comes from our inner truth. When we are obedient to that inner truth, our life becomes a joyful dance.


끊임없이 행복을 유지하고 행복을 나눠주어라. 왜냐 하면 행복은 나눠줄 때 더 커지기 때문이다!

Constantly remain happy and constantly distribute happiness because happiness will increase when you distribute it!

Siga siendo constantemente feliz y distribuya constantemente la felicidad porque la felicidad aumentará cuando usted la distribuye

Permaneça constantemente feliz e distribua constantemente a felicidade porque a felicidade aumentará quando você a distribuir!

Restez constamment heureux et distribuez constamment le bonheur parce que le bonheur augmentera quand vous le distribuez !

Rimanga costantemente felice e costantemente distribuisca la felicità perché la felicità aumenterà quando la distribuite!


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