S2P – Change Source: Mike George www.relax7.com

In order to bring about a fundamental (major) change three elements need to exist simultaneously:
Focus: A clear sense of purpose in life and clear goals to guide your life’s activities.
Will: The motivation and enthusiasm to introduce and sustain the actions.
Capabilities: The skills and abilities to fulfill your purpose and goals.

But where do you start? There is definitely a right place to begin and that is with your focus. Why? Because if your focus is powerful and based on a very deep sense of your inner most purpose in life, then that will provide you with the will power you need to keep going. Then if you have a clear driving focus in life and lots of will power to back it up, you will soon develop the skills and capabilities you need to make it happen. You may not have them yourself, but your enthusiasm and passion will certainly inspire others who do have them to join you. 
You need to think but only what’s necessary. Most of us think far too much – somewhere around and in fact more than 40,000 thoughts a day on average!  Why is that too much? Because most of our thoughts are based on insecurity and worry about uncertain futures. In fact, most thinking is really worry, which we wrongly think is care, or anxiety, which we wrongly think is concern.
Thinking does not give us the strength we need to live a calmer, more fulfilling life. It drains our energy and hinders the access we need to our own inner spiritual wisdom. Thinking can easily be an inner noise that drowns out the voice of our heart. When we say, “I just need to think about that”, we really mean “l’m not sure”, which means there is doubt. Doubt is one of those habits which turns into worry and anxiety, and all they do is subtly drain our energy.  




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