another day in kkorea Wednesday 16th June *)

912 – 914 am wednesday nearrly there steve ( weekend)
came back from lesson 1 ( of two today)

female ( new ) co teacher said take a rest that ok i sppose
entered teachers room
MY MAIN CO TEACHER sat !! at MY !!! DESK on my chair working

why,,,,> he said sorry and got up within 10-15 secs

thats bullying in my eyes 

im speaking with co teacher the problem one and
a male korean english teacher today 1pm
the latter one reaks of drink.alcohol lovely!

ive mentioned to main teacher i spoke with other one
and 3 will chat so that seems ok

…found out 1.5 hours ago new accmdation in october
long way off guys…

( my lease i guess at my present appartment is up)
main co teacher said this – WHY did i need to know that!
main co teachr told me today and i said maybe want moving
to other place furthr from school –

and he said i can look maybe at a place in due course


946 -947 am

teacherr opposite ( starts talking to my main teacher)

my main teacher starts tal,king in korean! and making actions with his hands to one of my korean.english teachers who sits directly in front of me

main co teacher leaves chair and 2 ft away starts talking to otehr teacher

co teacher starts talking again to same teacher ( after he has returned to his seat!

1011-1012 main co teacher gets out from his chair ( while saying something to himself) and sits down all within 5-15 secs

1012 -1013
other teacher receing something from admin man

1012-1013 i hear main teacher talking for 2 secs ( maybe to other teacher mentioned above) 1013-1014
different techer from upstairs ( male) comes to within 1/2 foot of my main teacher and starts talking to him
THEY are now BOTH facing me ! with hands on their hips

i have my earphiones on and then
30 secs – 2 mins later ie after they started tallking… i glanced over they are talking for a furthr 2 mins while my co teacher ( main teacher) is printing

1015-1016 main co teacher passes stuff to the teacher who sits opposite him ( and diaginally oppsite me)

main co teacher gets up and looks at printer within 20 secs
he then seats down for 3-5 secs

he then gets up and talks to other teache
they both go to printer

my main co taeacher ( within 30 secs sits down)
then 20 secs later goes to printer
then 20-40 secs later sits down on his chair

1022 ish teacher from up stairs starts talking to my main co teacher
again ! no real problem its not english buit ok
THIS former teacher actually sits down on a differnt seat for 30 secs to 1 min maybe
( the seat of a new teacher who speaks good engglish
and helps me within school quite often)

1024 -1025 maain co teacher talking 50-60 % of time
in the conversation below

both main teacher and other teacher opposite talking

at same time – now my korean teacher 1/2 foot away inf front of me joined converstion

1026 – main co teacher starts talking again just as man leavs\
other teacher opposite then talks

man from u.stairs returns ! 45 secs later

1027 my main teacher is talking no n stop now in korean!
and also other teacher opposite him talking
\the guy from upstairs is right next to this person(not my main teacher)

1028 guy from ustairs
my main teaacher talking again there is NOW three people talking korean all at same time

1028-1029 teacher from u.stairs picks up phone between
the two teachers and talks


other teeacher 15 ft away talking on his mobile

i have had my headphones on for last 18-25 mins
but not NOT listening to anything

now 1030

1031 co techer ( korean eng moves passed my chair) behind me and knocks MY chair


338-340 pm

i dont DONT like the way ! my main teacher just seemed to speak to
other teacher ( the one sits directly opposite him)

im fairly sure he mentioned my name and what the situation

better for me.. and maybe my co teacher

why did he feel the need ( to speak) about the situation
so quickly just an hour or so after finishing speaking with me and
other teacher bullied again me thinks!

427 pm

one of my co teachers doing an extra 13 -15 hours
on top of my weekly hours- he just mentioned seems silly to ME

but as my main teacher keeps saying “in MY opinion”

the phrase my main teacher uses 60-70 % whn speaking to me when speaking! he says that ( see above)

431 pm should be going home!

main teachers cp goes 2 mins ago
he leaves the room shame!





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