Responsibilities – Self Direction

Last week we explored self-responsibility as the first aspect of the first of the 4Rs. This week we explore the second aspect for which we are all responsible; self-direction. The gift of life is the gift of time. We each have a period of time in which to create our life. No one knows exactly how long it will be but we do have a fundamental choice between having the time of our life i.e. making it a creative and playful experience, or we could, as so many of us seem to do, lose awareness of this unique opportunity, and allow someone or something else to shape our life for us. In that moment life ceases to be ‘I am willing to’ and becomes a ‘have to’.

Every day we receive a cheque for 86,400. Unfortunately it’s not Euros or Dollars or even Rupees! It’s seconds in a day. We each receive exactly the same amount. In the world we call ‘work’ we often equate money with time when we say ‘time is money’. And for the money that we earn we usually have clear goals that define where and when we will spend it e.g. the house, the car, the holiday etc. But do we have clear aims/goals that will define how we will ‘spend’ our time? It seems few of us have precise, written goals that will focus the time of our life. This is almost always due to the absence of two things; a clear sense of purpose and an accurate awareness of our core values. If we set goals in life that are not aligned to our sense of purpose or to what we deeply care about, we will not be motivated (moved) to sustain the focus of our time and energy towards the achievement of our aims/goals. When our aims/goals are not connected to our heart, where our deepest values are found, we will be easily distracted, frequently disheartened and eventually disillusioned about the value of a goal!




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